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Monday, February 20, 2006

Important article, no scripture

Thank you to Clay Carey of The Tennessean for the following article:
Monday, 02/20/06
Faith shines after act of spite
Hateful words bring thoughts of forgiveness by congregation
Staff Writer

As he has for 35 years, the Rev. Alfred Brooks stood before churchgoers yesterday morning to deliver God's message at St. Bellview Missionary Baptist Church.

As they have many times before, the predominantly black congregation near Millersville joined its pastor in prayer, petitioning the Lord for wisdom and understanding.

But this Sunday, the atmosphere in the small northern Davidson County church was different. Scribbled on the wall behind its pulpit were words you'd never expect to see in a house of God.

Clay wrote an excellent article highlighting the faith and courage of an African-American congregation who showed up to worship Sunday morning despite racist graffiti on the wall behind the pulpit and other damage to their church. Had Clay include a scripture verse, the article would have qualified for the Amy Writing Awards.


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