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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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but no scripture!

My personalized web search by Google News brought up a story by Barbara Karkabi (4/26/06), titled "Christian leaders call immigration a moral issue," in the Houston Chronicle.

She writes:
Leaders of Houston's Christian community issued a call to action on immigration reform Monday, calling it a moral as well as a political issue.

"Behind every law and every number is the face of a real person with hopes, aspirations and desires to make their life better," said the Rev. David Meeker-Williams of The Metropolitan Organization. "We are talking about people and the morals implicit in the immigration issue." Read More>>
This article sheds light on the interplay of moral and spiritual issues in the highly-charged debate over illegal immigration in the U.S.

Where should Christians stand on this issue? Karkabi clearly articulates the perspective of four pastors in the Houston area, where illegal immigration is a hot topic of conversation.

Like all good journalism, the piece is thought-provoking to the reader, leaving her/him to decide the proper role of Christianity in the debate. Unfortunately, the piece didn't include an identifiable scripture passage, so it doesn't qualify for the Amy Writing Awards.

I realize this is a news report and not opinion/commentary, but I am sure one of the pastors referenced scripture when talking with Karkabi. A smart way to qualify such a piece would have been to include such a quote from one of the story's many sources.

Good work, Barbara!

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Bruce Umpstead


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