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Thursday, October 16, 2008 delivers ...

With the online news outlets are clogged with political stories about faith and politics, it was refreshing to find a qualifying Amy Writing Awards article on, my haven from the election year storm.

Here is a very engaging article, titled "Bama's Smith humble, hungry and a maestro," about starting University of Alabama junior offensive tackle Andre Smith, written by Chris Low. Low starts his article strong:

They are the four words Alabama junior offensive tackle Andre Smith lives his life by: Pride comes before destruction.

Smith knows exactly where to find them in his Bible -- Proverbs 16:18. But he's been hearing them since he was a little boy from his mother, Nesa.

Andre Smith is a force to be reckoned with along the Alabama offensive line. "My mom always said, 'Don't let your mouth praise you. Let somebody else praise you,'" Smith said. "Being boastful and saying you're going to do this and do that in an arrogant way always ends up blowing up in your face.
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As you read the article, football and Smith’s NFL prospects take precedent, but this sure-to-be draft pick’s faith shines through. I’m going email Low and tell him I appreciated the faith perspective of the story, and let him know that his article qualifies for the Amy Writing Award.


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