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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Opinion in The Chattanoogan

Politics tend to spark debates this time of year, even among "evangelicals." Roger Meyer, Ph.d. posted an article on The today (11/1/06), titled, "Read The Bible And Decide For Yourself," about how faith and politics collide.

It seems that Dr. Meyer takes issues with religious organizations telling him how to vote this election season. Dr. Meyer writes:

If you are an evangelical Christian and have received mail, email, or phone calls telling you what you, as a Christian are to do, you may be as disgusted as I am. Some religious leaders and groups appear to reject the priesthood of believers. Instead they see us as sheep and they as the shepherds, not Jesus Christ. As a protestant evangelical, I believe in the reformation principle of studying and rightly dividing the word of God for myself, using the teaching of the saints of all the ages to guide me.

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It's a well-reasoned, well-written opinion, whether or not you agree with Meyer's opinion; however, it doesn't qualify for the Amy Writing Awards because it lacks identifiable scripture. I also think this opinion exists in electronic form only, and the Awards require paper-based publication.

We still want to encourage Meyer and other thoughtful pundits--professional or otherwise--to KEEP WRITING and expressing their faith-based views in the mainstream press, include appropriate scripture, and enter the Awards.

Good job, Roger! Keep up the good work!

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Bruce Umpstead


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