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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Faith highlighted in the Tennessean (5-17-07)

Here is a short story in The Tennessean, by staff writer Natalia Mielczarek, about a young man from Rwanda who fled his country from violence. Eric Uwiringiyimana's personal testimony is nothing short of riviting.

He tells Natalia:
"It's been really hard, and at some points I felt like giving up," said Eric, who is an avid soccer player. "But when I think where I came from and see what little situation is trying to get me to quit, I say: 'No.' Most of my strength comes from God. I take one step, and he takes three steps for me."
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It is a good article, but misses the criteria of the Amy Writing Awards by not including identifiable scripture. (I also think the article is too short to be a top 15 contender).

None the less, the author allows Eric's story to tell itself and God's truth to shine brightly.

Good job, Natalia! Keep up the good work.


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