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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh So Close

Okay, so I had to go to the second page of search returns to find it, but I found at great opinion that almost qualifies for the Amy Writing Awards.

Pastor Craig Harris deals with transgenerational faith in his opinion, titled "Pushing faith on your children," in The Palenstine Herald-Press (Texas).

Craig writes:
I’ve heard parents say they are going to let their kids make up their own minds about matters of faith. Newsflash! Our children are going to make up their
own minds no matter what we do.

“I don’t want to push religion on my kids like my parents did me,” I’ve heard. That sounds like a good idea; no one wants anything pushed on them. “So, we don’t go to church or talk about God in our home.” Now I’ve got a problem with your plan.

Here’s a reality check about matters of faith. We all form our own opinions and make up our own minds about it. My faith is not a clone of any of my parents’ or grandparents’ beliefs. As far as I know, in fact, I’m the first Harris from our family who is a preacher. But I grew up seeing that faith was important to my folks and that became the foundation of everything I am.
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Unfortunately, Craig didn't include identifable scripture in his opinion, otherwise this would be an excellent entry in the 2007 Amy Writing Awards.


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