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Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Article BUT No Scripture

Here is a good news article about Pastor Sarah Bowling in Denver. Given all the clamity surrounding Ted Haggard's demise, any good news about a Colorado-based pastor is good news.

Colleen O'Connor writes the story, titled "A preacher's daughter rocks the faithful with a modern ministry," for the Denver Post on 11/19/06. She writes:
A spiky-haired woman in ripped jeans hangs out with musician John Cooper, frontman for the Christian crossover alt-rock and Skillet.

Looking more like a band groupie than a preacher, she is Sarah Bowling: wife and mother and the daughter of world-renowned Christian evangelist Marilyn Hickey.

As senior pastor of Orchard Road Christian Center with its membership of thousands, Bowling, 38, is one of a few daughters who received the mantle from her mother.

More commonly, men pass their ministry to sons: Billy and Franklin Graham, Oral and Richard Roberts, or Kenneth Hagin Sr. and Kenneth Hagin Jr.

The Grammy-nominated band will rock the church tonight, but first, promptly at 7, television cameras start to roll, and Bowling revs up to interview the band for "Today with Marilyn and Sarah," the popular mother-daughter daily Bible show broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network to as many as 1.5 billion households in 49 countries.

"How did you hook up with Jesus?" she asks each musician.

Eventually, she cuts to her passion: the next generation. ...
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The one thing missing in this news article that would qualify it for the Amy Writing Awards is identifiable scripture. It can be difficult for journalists to fit appropriate passages into copy AND have their editors accept it, but it has been done. The best way to do it is include the favorite scripture passage mentioned by a source. In this case, Pastor Sarah Bowling would have plenty to share.

Good job, Colleen. Keep up the great work!

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Bruce Umpstead (10-20-06)


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