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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Qualifying article in the Journal Gazette / Times Courier

Here is a qualifying article in the Journal Gazette / Times Courier (serving Mattoon and Charleston, Illinois, by Pastor Brian Miller. The article is titled, “Abraham's story about faith lived in real life.”

Miller writes:

Abraham’s story is an honest one. It is a story about faith. And within this faith, there is sex and violence, mistakes and doubts, poor decisions and wrong decisions. It isn’t a religious faith. It is a faith lived out in a real life… like we have to do.

Faith is something we develop.

Faith is something that changes us.

Faith is so much more than a “yes” or “no” on God.

After 35 to 40 years of faith, God has asked Abraham to give up so much. He had to give up his home. He had to give up his extended family. He had to give up his first son, Ishmael. And that was no easy task.
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I am going to write Pastor Miller and let him know that, because his article includes identifiable scripture, it qualifies for the Amy Writing Awards. It is a good attempt to share God's word in the mainstream media.

Brian, keep writing!


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