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Sunday, January 06, 2008

First qualifying article of 2008

Here is a powerful story, titled “Faith carried teen through battle against leukemia,” about a teenager who fought leukemia with faith.

Kelly Bothum, columnist for The Daily Times (Salisbury, MD), writes:
For 17 months, she fought like a warrior. But now, Kaylyn Warren was tired. Tired of staying in the hospital, connected to so many tubes and wires. Tired of the cancer-fighting cocktails that made her tongue swell and her skin blister.

Tired of the weakness and shortness of breath that usually meant she needed another blood transfusion. Tired of spiking a fever, the tell-tale sign of an infection somewhere in her body. But most of all, Kay was tired of the leukemia cells that kept invading her blood and marrow, despite everything her doctor tried.

She wanted to go home. No more needle sticks, no more IVs, no more chemotherapy. Just a comfortable bed, familiar surroundings and the chance to say goodbye to the people she loved who had spent the last 17 months rallying behind the brown-haired beauty with the heavenly voice and the faith to match it.
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I like how Bothum introduces the pivotal role faith plays in Kaylyn Warren’s cancer fight and how she relates the power of God’s word to support her struggle:

Kay had lived the first 17 years of her life trusting in the Bible verse from Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. She didn't plan on giving up that faith now that she needed it most. She believed God had a purpose behind her illness even if she didn't understand why.

Bothum’s article is a touching, must-read story, and hers is the first qualifying article I have found in 2008. I am going to write her and encourage her to submit for the Amy Writing Awards and to keep up the good work all year.

Good job, Kelly!


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