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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Qualifying article in Kansas City Star

Judging from the national response, Mother Teresa’s published letters have touched a sensitive spot in America’s personal faith. Here is another article on the topic of losing faith in difficult times, published in The Kansas City Star.

In an opinion titled, “What does it mean when believers doubt God in their lives,” Rev. Duke Tufty and Rev. Pat Rush deal with this difficult question. Tufty writes:

It means we are normal. At this stage of our spiritual evolvement, our faith in God often flees in the midst of troubled times.

We are students of life, not graduates of life. We are engaged in the process of becoming; we have not yet become. When Jesus cried out, “My Father, why hast thou abandoned me?” he doubted God in his life because he was in the process of becoming “The Christ” he had not yet become.
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It is a qualifying article and I am writing both men to encourage them to submit their opinion to the Amy Writing Awards.


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