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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Inspired by Teresa

I knew there would be a flurry of newspaper opinions about Mother Teresa’s doubts. After reviewing several of them, I found Sally Oakes’ article, titled “Honest doubt can help you grow in faith,” in The Citizen of Fayetteville, Georgia.

It's one of the best.

Oakes writes:
So Mother Teresa doubted! Wow. I found this out today while I was on the Internet. The woman whose faithfulness and dedication to God’s work inspired the world, no matter what the religion, had faith struggles. I don’t know why this surprised me so; everyone who seeks more than a cursory relationship with Christ has crises of faith. I guess it surprised me because she didn’t seem to be anything but an incredible woman of God and a tireless worker for his kingdom.
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What I like about Oakes’ piece is how she interprets Mother Teresa’s struggles in terms we can all understand.

I wish I had more time to write about Oake’s exceptional piece. All I can say is that she does a good job working in God’s word towards the end and turning the story toward Jesus’ own crisis of faith.

This qualifies her for the Amy Writing Awards.

Good job, Sally Oakes!


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