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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sometimes even Bloggers need Encouragement

That is what I received when I found an opinion titled, “Faith can carry us over any obstacle,” written by Catherine Galasso-Vigorito in the New Haven Register (6/25/07).

Here is the paragraph that spoke to me most:

God is waiting to bless us more than we could ever think, but we have to take the first step. Remember, stumbling blocks can be the steppingstones for our greatest achievements. Failures are only temporary defeats, which can be transformed into valuable assets. And setbacks often open new doors of opportunity, and provide us with valuable knowledge and strength.
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I’m not the “prosperity gospel” type, but I believe God holds blessings for us we can hardly imagine, mostly because our imagination is trained on material things. Today I needed a gentle reminder that those spiritual blessings are waiting, I just have to ask.

Catherine does an excellent job using God’s word to reinforce the truth she shares. That qualifies her to the Amy Writing Awards.

Good job, Catherine!


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