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Monday, July 30, 2007

Faith at the office. Why not?

Here is a good article about the growing acceptance of faith in the workplace that oddly doesn’t qualify for the Amy Writing Awards. The article, titled “Faith at the office. Why not?”, was written by Rev. Henry G. Brinton and published in the USA Today on Monday, July 30, 2007.

Brinton writes:

On any given Sunday, members of my congregation request prayers for children diagnosed with cancer and victims of natural disasters — people facing extraordinary challenges. These requests are heartfelt, but as I collect them I notice that something is missing. Where are the prayers for the accountants, attorneys, automobile mechanics and other workers who have to face the challenge of an ordinary Monday morning?
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It is an well-written article on a timely and important topic, and Brinton even references scripture toward the end of the piece (“When I teach classes on faith at work, I challenge church members to think of themselves as co-creators with God, and to evaluate their work according to how it follows the divine pattern of bringing order out of chaos, and creating something that is good (Genesis 1:1-5).”).

Unfortunately, he doesn’t come out and quote scripture, so sadly the piece doesn’t qualify for the Amy Writing Awards, but it is worthy of “well done” on our blog.


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