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Friday, November 23, 2007

No question on "A Crisis of Faith"

Here is another great story about “A Crisis of Faith” that qualifies for the Amy Writing Awards. The article was written by Meredith Heagney and published in The Columbus Dispatch, dealing with the silence of God in troubling times.

Heagney writes:

Laura Bradford lost her job and her identity along with it, and she turned to God for answers.

She asked God for his will and how she could carry it out.

She got nothing.

"It's like a big, black hole," she said. "What does God want from me?"

It wasn't that the Lancaster Catholic doubted God's existence, but the silence left her confused and lonely -- not feelings she associated with people who had faith.

"I have become more accustomed to not having the answers and just being with God where I'm at," she said.
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The personal introduction really grabbed the reader and pulled him/her into and through the story. Heagney dealt also fairly, broadly, and professionally with the difficult issue of loosing faith when God is silent, while using the life of Mother Teresa and others to reinforce her point: we should not give up when our feelings don’t match our faith.

This well written piece left me thankful that God hasn't been silent, only quiet, during my own difficulties.

Heagney deftly used scripture to tie her argument back to Jesus (i.e., "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"). This is the type of article that keeps me blogging.

Meredith, great job. Keep up the good work!


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