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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good article on going green …

Here is a attention-grabbing article in the Indianapolis Star by Robert King, titled “Going green for God” (9/25/07). King reports on the increasing trend found in Indianapolis churches advocating eco-friendly policies and instituting “green” programs.

He writes:
Preachers are buying hybrid cars and sermonizing about carbon footprints and sustainable living.

Small groups are forming in churches to encourage the faithful to recycle, spread the gospel of eating organic, cut pollution and hand out reusable shopping bags.
And some congregations, concerned that Styrofoam cups can spend an eternity at the bottom of a landfill, are vowing to banish them from the coffee hour in favor of bring-your-own mugs.

Increasingly, the people filling places of worship across the Indianapolis area are tackling environmental preservation in a way that was once the sole domain of tree-hugging political activists.
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King’s article attracted me because I have some “go green” children in my own house. My early grade-school age daughters are very eco-conscience and have assumed the recycling responsibilities for our family (please, don’t look in the garage).

I wanted to see how Indianapolis clergy back up their earth-friendliness with theology. Unfortunately, the article was more of an interest story and didn’t do that far in depth. It also didn’t include any recognizable scripture, so it didn’t qualify for the Amy Writing Awards.

I’m going to write King and tell him I liked his piece and tell him about the Awards. Hopefully, he’ll keep writing on matters of faith.


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