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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Google Reader: new process for finding articles

For the past few weeks, I have been using what is called a news/blog "aggregator" for collecting news and items on the web about my work in educational technology (read: day job). My aggregator of choice is Google Reader, which watches the websites I tell it to watch and brings back new articles in date order.

It lets me be very efficient in finding information I can use. I cannot believe how many items I have bookmarked or saved since I started the practice.

Well, last night, when I was using Google News to look up my typical "God faith Christian" search for news articles and opinions to blog about, I realized Googel Reader could help me out. At the bottom of the page, Google let me add the search to my Google Reader.

Long story short, Google Reader streamlined the process of finding good articles and opinion on which to blog. In the first pass, the aggregator helped me find 2 articles/opinions of worth. Since I normally find less than 1 a week (on average), Google Reader promises to double my productivity.

So I plan to up the number of blog posts, which probably means I'll write less of my own thoughts. But we'll see ...


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