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Monday, October 27, 2008

"Pro anti-Atheism," if there is such a thing ...

Once again, I’m trolling the internet, looking for signs of intelligent Christian commentary that is not related to the election, and I came across this online publication of a local pastor’s take on “Is Atheism a religion of faith?

Pastor Mondo Gonzales writes about this provocative topic in the New Lenox Patriot:

"The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God.'" Psalm 14:1

I think it is very important when having a dialogue not to resort to name calling or ad
hominem attacks. These are neither helpful nor kind in presenting an argument, but I want to share in this column why I think God has said this in His Word about those who reject His existence. First, I think it's important to define a couple of words. What is the definition of "religion" and "faith?"
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Starting out by labeling atheists “the fool” probably isn’t the most sensitive, reader-friendly approach to engaging in meaningful dialog, but the provocative nature of the article will draw attention. After reading several pro-atheist / agnostic articles, it’s on par with the "give what you get" genre.

I found the personal nature of Gonzales’ opinion more effective. The mid-section breaks off from the affront on atheism to explain how 1) Gonzales himself moved from atheism to his Christian faith and 2) how he reconciles evidence of natural selection with his views of "Young Earth" creationism.

That’s why I am recognizing Gonzales’ article as a qualifying entry in this year’s Amy Writing Awards. With two identifiable quotations of scripture, this opinion qualifies, and it may place strongly with the judges— I cannot say. But I like Gonzales use of personal experience to substantiate his position. Critics may argue with his take on science and atheism (they do, just read the reader comments), but they cannot argue with Gonzales’ personal experience as a basis for his choice to choose the God of the Bible over no god at all.


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