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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Excellent Veteran's Day feature (that doesn't qualify)

Here is a very well-written article on two military chaplains that is a “must read,” and I don’t say that very often. The timely feature, published today, on Veteran’s Day, is written by Troy Moon in the Pensacola News Journal, entitled, “Faith in the face of war.”

Moon writes:
Two 50-something Episcopal priests at different St. John's churches in Rhode Island are sent to the Middle East to serve as military chaplains.

One serves as a Navy chaplain at a combat-support hospital in Kuwait. The other serves as an Army chaplain at military prisons in Iraq.

Less than three years after they're finished with their active-duty service, they end up at Episcopal churches in Pensacola, some six miles apart.

The Rev. C. Neal Goldsborough and the Rev. Jeffrey A. Jencks emerged from combat with similar perspectives: They firmly believe they have seen God — and his dark counterpart — on the blood-soaked battlefields and field hospitals of the Middle East.

It's Veterans Day, and the two priests say it's important that Americans remember that the sacrifice we ask of our young men and women overseas isn't just a physical sacrifice.
The piece is full of God’s grace and truth, but unfortunately, I don’t see where Moon included identifiable scripture. Had it, I am sure we would see this article in the later rounds of the Amy Writing Awards. I am going to write Moon and tell him “job well done” and see if he has other articles that do qualify for this year’s awards program.

Keep up the good work, Troy!


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