This blog is maintained on behalf of the Amy Foundation for the purpose of tracking the best Christian journalism we find on the Web. Our posts regularly identify those news articles or opinions in the mainstream media that represent good faith-based writing and example them for other Christian journalists.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

100 blog posts and counting (12-18-08)

This marks the 100th post on "The Best Christian Journalism on the Web" blog, which the Amy Foundation started a couple years ago to recognize good faith-based journalism with the hope of boosting Amy Writing Award submissions.

Well, mission accomplished. Last year, award entry submissions were up 25 percent and this year entries were up 7 percent with two months to go.

Along the way we found dozens of well written articles that qualified and a number that should have, but didn't (they missed by not including a piece of identifiable scripture). We also learned a great deal about online publication and, in 2008, we expanded the Amy Writing Awards to include qualifying entries that were only published online.

The plan is to continue blogging, possibly adding other contributors, all with the goal of connecting with more writers who connect with more readers by sharing their faith in print-- whether published in ink or pixels.

Thanks for reading.


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